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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gen 2 Shipment has Arrived!

It has been a long time in coming, but our latest batch of Generation 2 swords has arrived. They continue to improve as each design is refined to answer the demands of our customers. Many models are already sold out and on the back order list, but we still have a good number of some of the models in stock like the very popular Sword of the Third Crusade!

Generation 2 Swords - Look for the (IN STOCK) next to the name!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Viking Sword

As always, Gen 2 is continually improving their products and has released(in my opinion) their best, most historically accurate sword to date! -- Jason Arms of Valor, Ltd.

Viking Sword - Tenth Century A.D. (by Generation 2)

"This sword is one that I have wanted to copy for years. There have been several attempts, but none have completely satisfactory. Adequate, yes, but not truly satisfying. At least until this one. Several years ago I had the chance to visit Sweden and Gotland to look at Viking artifacts as well as the remains from the Battle of Visby. One thing that I noticed, but have not encountered in any works on the Viking sword, is that the Swedish swords all seem to be a bit large than those I saw in Norway and Denmark. Of course it could have been just luck that the ones I saw in Sweden were larger, I have no way of knowing. But this sword could easily qualify as a Swedish sword. The blade is 77.8 cm, and is slightly over 6cm wide, and the balance point is about 16 cm. from the grip. This is a true warrior’s sword, the weight is about 3 pounds, but the balance is superb. The cutting power of the sword is quite impressive and I can easily see it being wielded by Skarp-Hedin or Egil Skallagrimson. Hand forged, high carbon steel."
Hank Reinhardt

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cutting Tests Complete!

We have completed the cutting tests comparing the three major brands in the $150 - $300 price range.

"Cutting Tests - this portion of the review is to test the cutting ability of each of the swords we have chosen, thus gauging the quality of the brand each sword represents. The first target will be a warm up cut on a card board box 40x6x6 inches. Followed by a very serious test cut on rolled rice mats. The rice mat cut will be a very sure indicator of the swords quality and functionality."

Gen 2 Lucerne Cut Test

"On the first rolled rice mat cut attempt the Lucerne went through the target with ease. I must admit that cutting with this sword is a joy, after the other brands had been tested I did a second cut with the Lucerne. The blade was still in pristine condition after both cuts ."

Read more - View the tests!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sword Design Competition

Arms of Valor is doing something totally new for 2007. We are running a competition to determine the next sword we will produce. Now you can design a sword and if your design wins AoV will produce it and give you one! For full details and to enter please go to:

Sword Design Competition

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Christmas is coming!

Just a reminder to order early for Christmas.

Some hot items for this year are:
Pirates of the Caribbean

Anduril Swords from the Lord of the Rings

Gen 2 Sword of the Third Crusade

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Swords Added

New Swords added! We have expanded our product line to include new swords and clothing. Be sure to check them out.

Windlass Swords (New swords added 14 Oct 06)

Medieval and Fantasy Clothing

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sword Comparison Testing

AoV is working on Sword Comparison testing at

As of right now there is only a fit and finish review, but the test cutting is coming soon!